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What engine lines does BIAero specialize in?

BIAero specializes in PT6, PW100, PW150, PW200, CF34-8, and CF34-10 among other platforms.

Who are our typical customers?

Our main customers are OEMS, MRO Facilities, and Operators.

Is BIAero a broker?

While we will broker parts for our customers, we consider ourselves a stockiest who own and maintain our inventory including engines, engine components, and engine accessories.

Does BIAero have multiple locations?

Yes, we have offices in New Jersey, USA, and Singapore.

Does BIAero deal in incident related engines or components?

No, we do not purchase or repair anything incident related.

Does BIAero perform any repairs in-house?

No, we do not have any repair capabilities, we use OEM repair facilities for all of our needs.

How are Michael and Maggie?

Very good! They still come into the office from time to time to check in on us.

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