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Component Sales

BIAero is a global supplier of regional engines, APU, and airframe components.


All material comes with full traceability to OEM, MRO's or Operators. We exclusively use OEM and FAA certified repair facilities for part repairs, modification, and overhauls.

Current engine platforms focus on: PW100, PW150, PW200, APS3200, CF34-10 power plants & Q400 airframe components.


Exchange Pools

BIAero provides in-hangar material solutions which drastically reduce both TAT and inventory capital investment for high-volume components.

We support the time sensitive operations of owners, operators, and repair facilities by providing advanced exchange rotables and fuel system components.

We specialize in the Fuel Nozzle and large engine cases.


Engine Trading

BIAero maintains a stock of Turboprop and APU engines for immediate fleet deployment.

We also maintain a supplier database which allows for quick to fleet solutions for both outright purchase and lease.


BIAero can provide engine exchange solutions for BER cores and lease return covenant requirements.

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